India plans to offer incentives to companies moving from China


NEW DELHI: India is weighing offering incentives to attract companies moving out of China amid its trade war with the US, a person familiar with the development said.


Financial incentives such as preferential tax rates and the tax holiday provided by Vietnam to lure companies are among measures being considered, the person said, asking not to be identified as the discussion is still private





Excellent move. During nineties when China opened its markets, in PARTICULAR GUANGZHOU province, government provide ready to move in factories (with residential for workers as this most common in china)



Eddie JS• Shillong-Guwahati • 3 days ago

Very true.They should be set up in the coastal district/states as China did!



Rajan Khanna• 2 days ago

Govt. of India, act fast and come up with new policies to attract FDI in manufacturing otherwise you will miss out to South east Asia. India definitely has a better infrastructure and talent pool as compared to Vietnam, we just need the right policy to give confidence to foreign investors



Jeetesh Dash • Indian Subcontinent • 2 days ago

There is a problem - our Indian Infrastructure is nowhere near Regional Standards , leave alone global standards .



Eddie • Shillong-Guwahati • 3 days ago

It is an excellent step, although not very late, for India's further growth and employment!



Chander • 2 days ago

Delay in changing policies to attract foreign investors will lead to a big loss for India。 The govt needs to act fast



Vivek Bharti • 2 days ago

Only fools will come to stablish full scale industries here, but they will certainly develop setelite units mostly for marketing purposes as they have to sell their produces in india.



Dreet • 3 days ago

Vietnam is far more smarter and companies have already moved to Hanoi.



Ashok • 3 days ago

No use offering incentives to companies moving from China。 In India the companies won't get industrial land



proud Indian • 3 days ago

we have high hopes on Modi



Bijay • Noida • 2 days ago

MODI organized vibrant Gujarat every year to attract FDI。 But last 5 years not a single event organized by MODI to attract FDI across India。



Bijay• Noida • 2 days ago

India was sleeping and not taking benefit of companies moving out of china。 Someone should help to wake up MODI and inform about it。 Small country like Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam are taking benefit of this



Anis Shaikh • 2 days ago

One more fail make in India coming soon



Ashok Kamath • Udupi • 2 days ago

网上彩票购买Chinese must be taught lesson for aligning with Pakistan...



Srinivas Ganti• Hyderabad • 2 days ago

Be bothered about how India is impacted and how we cash in on the opportunity...



Aarti • Mumbai • 3 days ago

Finally, India is catching up to others! We have to be faster and quicker




Mudit Jain • 3 days ago

网上彩票购买Focus should be on Indian companies being competitivr wwhich are rendered uncompetitive due to high input costs supplied by govt cos for inputs such as power, furnace oil, diesel and interest.

No companies will move to India. Rather Indian cos haved moved out of India



Vinod RAj• 3 days ago

网上彩票购买they will swallow our local companies


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