网上彩票购买JF-17 becomes star attraction at Paris Air Show


ISLAMABAD: Hordes of aviation enthusiasts turned up to see the static and aerial display of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF)’s JF-17 Thunder fighter jet on the last day of 53rd Paris Air Show in Le Bourget on Sunday。

Being a weekly holiday, the vast venue was filled with excited spectators of different ages as the gates opened for general public, according to a message received from Paris。

The indigenously manufactured JF-17 Thunder, displayed alongside other aircraft and defence equipment at the event, remained the star attraction of the show.





The PAF personnel briefed the eager crowd about the combat aircraft’s operational capabilities and sophisticated weaponry. The spectators were ecstatic to see the pride of Pakistan in their midst and had selfies and photographs with the PAF contingent members.

Apart from the static display, the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex- manufactured aircraft also presented a farewell aerobatics performance. The excitement of the eagerly awaiting crowd was worth watching as the aircraft roared in the skies of Paris. The much anticipated display was thoroughly enjoyed by the spectators and they fervently clapped as the JF-7 landed back at the airstrip.

The participation of the PAF contingent in the largest air show of the world has proved to be an excellent opportunity to showcase its cutting edge capabilities。 It has also given an opportunity to the potential buyers to assess the jet fighter’s immense potential in the international market。





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But no one purchase it Pakistani media reportedly make news off selling fighter llan to so many nation but not a single deal matured just hype.



Indian by heart

Apparently there is lots of confusion over manufacturing vs assembling in Pakistan。



网上彩票购买ghengis khan

People were surprised to see F-16 painted fresh and labelled as "jf-17". Looks very "indigenous"



  1. Emad

How many Pakistani-manufactured 'star attraction' JF-17 Thunder Fighter Jets have been sold at the Paris Air Show ?



Ali Jaffery

Any international orders or interest so far。 If No, this is just a waste of time and money



Shahid Hassan

网上彩票购买Calling this the star attraction of the show would be misleading the gullible piblic . Perhaps the author did not tune into the airbus order book in day 1 or the 200+ order of the beleaguered Boeing 737 max On day 2 . Overall the air show produced an order book of more than 50 billion US$ of which not one order is known for projected star of the show . I completely value the participation and potential but like with everything else don’t over promise and under deliver.

把这架飞机称为航空展的明星展品,会误导容易上当受骗的观众。也许作者没有打开第一天空客的订单簿,或者不知道第2天的陷入困境的波音737 max的200多个订单。总的来说,航展产生了超过500亿美元的订单,其中没有一个订单是关于这个明星展品的。



Please stop boasting yourself。 J-17 is assembled in Pakistan and not manufactured。 Manufacturing means each and every component is made in Pakistan。 Like the wings, the cockpit, the engines, everything。 Hence importing aircraft in CKD condition and assembling it does not mean manufacturing。 There are many other aircrafts in display。




网上彩票购买Old type writer attract more attention than modern printers



Bitter Truth

They came to see Paris air show G-7 countries fighter jets, not JF-17.



(a + b)^n?

I was at the Paris Air Show and the JF 17 was displayed as a Chinese made aircraft with a Russian engine -- not a word about assembly plants like pakistan

The JF 17 was in the China section and Russian engine section -- pakistan was not displayed or mentioned anywhere -- that is the truth -- check the paris air show website.

我在巴黎航空展上看到,JF 17展示的是一架中国制造的飞机,发动机是俄罗斯制造的——根本没有提到巴基斯坦的组装工厂

JF 17是在中国展区和俄罗斯发动机展区展出的——事实上,巴基斯坦并没有在任何地方展示或提及——请查看巴黎航空展网站。



Hope Pakistan really able to achieve in aviation field and JF-17 thunder production with more advance capabilities should enhance Pakistan aviation superiority in the region.




网上彩票购买Very unfortunate and surprising that JF17 is being proudly dubbed as a Pakistani made fighter aircraft while the fact remains that though assembled in Pakistan, the parts and technology is Chinese.




Please name ' other manufacturers' also even though they may be much smaller and less advanced comparitively.




Remarkable achievement。 in the air show。 Soon Pakistan will be exporting this aircraft to USA France UK Russia and China hope few thousands order have taken by the company to produce




网上彩票购买JF-17 declared fan-favorite in Paris Air Show in their own tweet. Aviation enthusiast just don't like an aircraft for nothing, there's a story behind liking this air craft all of suddenly.




Commendable。。。 Pakistan can produce world class weaponry but the has to be a market for selling them。。。 western arms manufacturers have been reaping billions of dollars in exports thus boosting their economies and lowering unemployment。。




In above pic why public looking towards other side not at jf 17




Good for Pakistan but remember elsewhere in the world India stands proud to display its software and technological developments and the money is in that game ,not this one




No doubt the JF-17 is an excellent fighter-bomber, but due credit must be given to the Chinese who designed and manufactured it with us. It was initially manufactured in China and then assembled and manufactured here with Chinese input. Even the Block 3 version is being done with Chinese help. We have to stop trumpeting our achievements and be humble. Salams PS: (My apologies if anyone's feelings are hurt).

毫无疑问,JF-17是一架优秀的战斗轰炸机,但必须部分归功于与我们一起设计和制造它的中国人。这架飞机最初是在中国制造的,然后在中国的投资下在巴基斯坦进行组装和制造。甚至Block 3的版本也是在中国的帮助下完成的。我们必须停止吹嘘我们的成就,要谦虚一些。PS:如果有人因此受伤了,我很抱歉。



Pak Air Force has gained even more credibility after taking down 2 hyped up Indian aircrafts in a dog fight just recently. We are proud of our Armed Forces.

Long live Pakistan。




Unfair Rana Talukdar, TRISTAN DA CUNHA

Chinese made things r competing with f22, f 35, su 35, euro fighter。 Wow! Moment of glory for chinese, though they may not use their own product。

中国制造的东西可以与F22, F35, SU35和欧洲战斗机竞争。哇!这是中国人的荣耀时刻,不过他们可能不会使用自己的产品。



Proud of you Pakistan Air Force (both pilots & engineers). You are best in the world. Even your enemy will endorse this; not openly off course ;)




"indigenously manufactured JF-17 Thunder,"

LOL! BY that logic, Suzuki, Hyundai, Toyota and Honda are all indigenous Pakistani auto brands since they are assembled in the country!





Paris air show featured only 2 kinds of fighter jets one was domestically made Dassault Rafale and another was Chinese made Pakistan assembled JF-17。 This was the first time top aircrafts of region such as Euro fighter Typhoon and Saab Grippen stayed out。 Dubbed as one of the most lacklustre air show there is nothing to talk about since no aircraft sale agreements/MoU were signed post the paris airshow(which is the prime aim of such events)。



Iqbal carrim

The crowd enthusiasm,their claps,the briefing to them all belong to the gallery.They are behind us.Next is to chase the potential buyers to purchase JF-17 Thunder fighter jets. This is the most serious challenge as the country badly needs foreign exchange.




All credit goes to PAF. brighter history of PAF: In the 1967 Arab-Israel war, volunteer pilots from the Pakistani Air Force downed no less than 10 Israeli aircrafts without losing a single pilot or a single aircraft!! In 1973, Flt. Lt. A. Sattar Alvi became the first Pakistani pilot to shoot down an Israeli Mirage in air combat, he was flying a Syrian aircraft. Similarly PAF pilot Flt. Lt. M. Hatif, in an Egyptian MiG-21 shot down an Israeli F-4 phantom during air combat.




Aircraft of 21st century downed Russian made mig planes. Now Russia would ask for transfer of technology from Pakistan.




JF 17 in comparison to Rafale, later has the advantages of lighter engine, better radar signatures but in terms of avionics Rafale is far beyond and having tremendous results。 JF 17 not even proved in shorter time to be the best but now in competition to Eurofighter, Typhoon, upcoming Tejas and SU-35 now adays。 PAF should take advantage of the latest technology and get over on the outcomes in comparison to Rafale and SU as they are called superiority fighter。 Wishing best of luck for our success。 May Allah be with us。 Ameen

与“阵风”相比,JF 17具有发动机更轻、雷达信号更好等优点,在航空电子方面远远超过“阵风”。JF17现在可以跟欧洲战斗机,台风,即将到来的光辉战机和苏-35等一争高下。巴基斯坦空军应该利用最新的技术,超越被称为“阵风”和“苏”的优势战机。祝我们成功,万事如意。愿真主与我们同在。阿门。



Jun 24, 2019 12:30pm

You choose your own design, and fitting. PAF deffo have an originality to claim as far as JF-17 is concerned, and a license to sell them out of which China does not get a dime. You can use the resources of your friends to materialize your idea. India is free to use USA's if they have that level of friendship with them.


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